Op. 10 - Motet 'Nulla in 

                Mundo Pax Sincera'


for 6-Part Acapella Choir

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Program Notes: My Op. 10 Motet is based on an anonymous Latin text, which, to my understanding, has only been set before by Vivaldi.  It is written for a 6-Part choir, SSAATB and is full of rich harmonic movement that is meant to depict the struggle humanity has against the ever-pervasive evil that surrounds our daily lives. There are several contrasting moods and shifting colors to intensify the effect the text has upon the listener. Furthermore, the Motet is crafted with the utmost care and consideration for counterpoint among the many individual melodic lines and created with, I hope, smooth and conjunct movement for each singer, without compromising the works character.

Performance History:

-January 28th, 2017; Satellite Salon - Composition Conjuring; University of Southern Utah; Thorley Hall; Cedar City, UT – 7:30PM


George N. Gianopoulos