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Op. 23c - hatzlacha Rabbah!!!

for Viola Quartet


Program Notes: Composed in 2011, Hatzlacha Rabbah!!! was originally written as a viola duo as a graduation present for two friends and colleagues, Ariana Solotoff and Jenni Seo. It has since grown to include many arrangements including Viola and Piano, Viola and Strings, ’Cello Duo, Viola and Viola Choir and Clarinet Quartet. Using Ms. Solotoff’s Jewish heritage as a vehicle for inspiration, Hebraic-tinged folk melodies pervade the work and the harmonic language and accompanimental patterns seek to capture the character of the ancient Israelite. As these two very talented violists embarked on their journey to Julliard for undergraduate studies, I wanted to wish them the best of luck and named the piece after the Hebrew phrase ‘Hatzlacha Rabbah,’ translated “To Much Success.”

Performance History:

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George N. Gianopoulos


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