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Monologue for cello, Op. 24


Date of Composition: 2012

Duration: 7 Minutes

Commissioner: Maksim Velichkin

Program Notes: The Monologue for Solo ‘Cello, Op. 24 was written in the Spring of 2012 for cellist and pianist Maksim Velichkin for a solo recital at the Norton Simon Museum of Art in Pasadena, California. Written in three movements, performed attacca, the Monologue opens with a whimsical capriccio whose foundation is based upon the interval of a perfect fourth, which guides its forward momentum. After a dramatic descent, a slow and lyrical affettuoso melody is introduced in the instruments upper register. The emotional content of this theme drives it into the lowest registers of the ‘cello and arrives at a motive introduced at the introduction of the capriccio. As the motive develops, it builds in intensity until reaching a fiery climax performed ad libitum as a quasi-cadenza as a transition to the third movement, dramatico. A final tour de force of double stops and rhythmic instability, the finale acts as perpetuum mobile with only a few moments to breathe before arriving to the conclusion.

Performance History:

-July 10th, 2012; M3 Classical @ ATX Kitchen; Atwater Village, California – 8PM

-August 17th, 2012; Velichkin Solo Recital; Norton Simon Museum; Pasadena, California – 7PM

-July 9th, 2015; Omaha Under the Radar; Joslyn Art Museum; Omaha, Nebraska – 5PM

-October 20th, 2018; The Voice of the ‘Cello; Private House Concert at The Glen; Glenview, Illinois - 8PM

-October 26th, 2018; The Voice of the ‘Cello; Private House Concert; Parkshore Senior Living Community; Seattle, WA

-October 27th, 2018; The Voice of the ‘Cello; Stroum Center of Greater Seattle; Mercer Island, Washington – 4PM

-November 30th, 2018; The Voice of the ‘Cello; Hagen Ranch Library; Delray, Florida – 3PM

-December 1st, 2018; The Voice of the ‘Cello; Okeechobee Library; West Palm Beach, Florida – 2PM

-December 1st, 2018; The Voice of the ‘Cello; Private House Concert; West Palm Beach, Florida – 7PM

-February 6th, 2019; The Voice of the ‘Cello; Fox Hill Village; Westwood, Massachusetts - ?PM

-March 16th, 2019; The Voice of the ‘Cello; Memorial Classical Music Series; Houston, Texas – 7:15PM

-March 17th, 2019; The Voice of the ‘Cello; Archway Gallery; Houston, Texas – 6PM

-March 31st, 2019; The Voice of the ‘Cello; Park Avenue Congregational Church; Arlington, Massachusetts – 3PM

-April 9th, 2019; The Voice of the ‘Cello; Tuesday Concert Series; Church of the Epiphany; Washington, D.C. – 12PM

-April 25th, 2019; The Voice of the ‘Cello; The Charleston Library Society; Charleston, South Carolina - 7PM

-November 27th, 2019; The Voice of the Cello; The Mather; Evanston, Illinois – 7PM

-December 2nd, 2019; The Voice of the Cello; Private Concert; Chicago, Illinois – 7PM

George N. Gianopoulos


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