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Complete Catalogue of Works
Scores & Parts Available Upon Request [*Work In Progress]

Large Ensemble (Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Wind Ensemble)

*America for Baritone and Chamber Orchestra, Op. 45a
Hatzlacha Rabbah!!! for Viola & String Orchestra, Op. 23b
*Impressions of Indigo for Orchestra, Op. 48
*Introduction, Allegro & Grand Romance for Violin & Orchestra, Op. 13

*Outside the Box, a Suite for Chamber Orchestra, Op. 3
*Overture to 'Hooray for Hollywood' for Orchestra, Op. 9
Prelude to Impressions of Indigo for Orchestra, Op. 48b

The Volstead Act for Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Op. 46
*Three Lunar Cycles for Soprano & Orchestra, Op. 12

Chamber Ensemble (three or more players)

Clockwork for Percussion Trio, Op. 34

*Copper & Zinc for Brass Trio [Trumpet, French Horn and Trombone], Op. 28

Hatzlacha Rabbah!!! for Viola Quartet, Op. 23c

Hatzlacha Rabbah!!! for Clarinet Quartet, Op. 23d

*Humoresque for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet & Piano, Op. 1

Impromptu for Violin, Clarinet, Cello & Piano, Op. 2

Impromptu for Flute, Clarinet, Cello & Piano, Op. 2b

Impromptu for Violin, Oboe, Cello & Piano, Op. 2c

*Quintet for Two Violins, Viola & Two Celli, Op. 22

*Water Music for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, 'Cello, Piano & Percussion, Op. 30

*Water Music for Flute, Clarinet and Piano, Op. 30b

Duo or solo (except piano)

An Autumn Sunset for 'Cello, Op. 43b

Birds of Paradise for Solo Flute, Op. 38

City Vignettes for Voice & Piano [or Guitar], Op. 29
City Vignettes for Flute & Piano [or Guitar], Op. 29b
City Vignettes for Clarinet & Piano [or Guitar], Op. 29c

City Vignettes for Violin & Piano [or Guitar], Op. 29d

City Vignettes for Alto Saxophone & Piano [or Guitar], Op. 29e

City Vignettes for Trumpet & Piano [or Guitar], Op. 29f

City Vignettes for Oboe & Piano [or Guitar], Op. 29g

Hatzlacha Rabbah!!! for Viola & Piano, Op. 23

Hatzlacha Rabbah!!! for Two Violas, Op. 23e

Hatzlacha Rabbah!!! for Two Celli, Op. 23f

Introduction, Allegro & Grand Romance for Violin & Piano, Op. 13

Lullabies/Nocturnes for Vibraphone, Op. 39

Mirages for Violin, Op. 44

Portraits of Dorian for 'Cello and Piano, Op. 41

Sonata for Violin and 'Cello, Op. 21

Sonata for Clarinet and 'Cello, Op. 21b

Suite for Flute & Piano, Op. 19

The Circadian Calendar for Solo 'Cello, Op. 25

The Circadian Calendar, Book Two for Solo 'Cello, Op. 35

Thirteen Variations on an Original Theme for 'Cello & Piano, Op. 11

Three Conversations for Two Clarinets, Op. 16

Three Conversations for Two Saxophones, Op. 16b

Three Scherzi for Oboe, Op. 26
Three Scherzi for Alto Saxophone, Op. 26b
Three Scherzi for Clarinet in B-Flat, Op. 26c

Three Scherzi for Flute, Op. 26d

Variations on B-A-C-H for Solo 'Cello, Op. 31


Fantasy Nocturne for Piano, Op. 17

Five Pieces for Piano, Op. 15

*L'Enfant Terrible, a Children's Album for Solo Piano, Op. 40

Sonata for Piano, Op. 42

*Three Preludes for Piano, Op. 8

Twenty-Four Chorale-Preludes in All Major & Minor Keys for Keyboard Instruments, Op. 6

Two Fantasies for Piano, Op. 5

*Water Music for Two Pianos, Op. 30c

Vocal (Art song, opera, choral)


*America for Baritone and Chamber Orchestra, Op. 45

*America for Baritone and Piano, Op. 45b

An Autumn Sunset for Soprano Solo, Op. 43

Chansons d'Amour for Mezzo-Soprano & Piano, Op. 4

God Save the Queen for Soprano and Piano, Op. 33

Motet, "Nulla In Mundo Pax Sincera" for SSAATTBB Choir, Op. 10

*Sailing to Byzantium for SATB Choir, Op. 20

*Songs of Eternal Oblivion for Soprano and 'Cello, Op. 36

The Bells for Soprano and Percussion, Op. 37

The Last Silent Voice, an Opera in One Act for Five Singers & Thirteen Players, Op. 32

The Last Silent Voice, an Opera in One Act for Soprano, Baritone, String Quartet and Piano, Op. 32b
The Last Silent Voice, an Opera in One Act for Five Singers & Piano, Op. 32c

Thirteen Haiku for Singers [SATB] & Piano, Op. 27

Three Cabaret Songs for Voice & Piano, Op. 7

*Three Cabaret Songs for Voice, Flute, Clarinet, Violin & 'Cello, Op. 7b

*Three Lunar Cycles for Soprano & Orchestra, Op. 12

Three Lunar Cycles for Soprano & Piano, Op. 12b

Three Lunar Cycles for Soprano & Marimba, Op. 12c

Three Sea Shanties for Baritone & Piano, Op. 14

Three Songs of Shattering for Mezzo-Soprano & Piano, Op. 18


George N. Gianopoulos


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