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Op. 34 - clockwork 

for Percussion Trio


Program Notes: Clockwork, Op. 34 was written in the spring of 2015 for the percussion trio Tala Rasa. Scored for marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel and a battery of non-pitched percussion instruments, Clockwork is a six movement work that follows the clock in four hour intervals.  The first movement, ‘From Midnight ‘til 4am,’ opens with marimba and bongo accompaniment in an asymmetric rhythmic groove in 7/8 to drive the momentum to a brief, starry-eyed interlude before the next wave of action culminates into a marimba cadenza and definitive end. 4am through 8am meditates on soft and smooth timbres – bowed vibraphone notes, sparse drums, a floating glockenspiel set on top of a bed of white noise from a suspended cymbal – we are asleep. A thoroughly bohemian lifestyle, from 8am until Noon, one is still deep in dream but slowly beginning to emerge from the nocturnal slumber. A slowly developing rhythmic instability leads to several half-climaxes until our somnambulist is fully awake and beginning their day in Noon Through 4pm. A steady vibraphone pulse is kept throughout with sporadic accentuations that give a sense of instability and propulsion forward to a volatile marimba climax before quickly descending into what can only be an early afternoon siesta, reminiscent of earlier musical material. From 4 in the Afternoon ‘til 8pm develops the primary motive of the cycle with a stable marimba riff accompanying throughout while subversively preparing for the evening to come with a growing rhythmic density, climaxing to the attacca into 8 O’clock ‘til Midnight. An exciting and quickly shifting marimba ostinato, irregular vibraphone accentuations and an unpredictably recurring vibraslap drives our dilettante to the end of their diurnal cycle, reaching a zenith in what can only be described as an absorbing and provocative day.

Performance History:

-March 18th, 2015; Nos. 1, 2 & 5: Tala Rasa Percussion; Chapman University - Salmon Hall; Orange, CA – 8PM

-March 19th, 2015; Nos. 1 & 2: Tala Rasa Percussion; Cypress College; Cypress, California – 7PM

-March 20th, 2015; No. 2: Tala Rasa Percussion; The Carriage House Performance Series; South Pasadena, CA – 8PM

-September 23rd, 2015; Tala Rasa Percussion; Cook Recital Hall - Michigan State University; East Lansing, MI – 7:30PM

-September 12th, 2016; Tala Rasa Percussion; University of Maryland; College Park, Maryland – 7PM

-September 13th, 2016; Tala Rasa Percussion; New York University; New York, New York – 7PM

-September 15th, 2016; Tala Rasa Percussion; Bezanson Recital Hall; University of Massachusetts; Amherst, MA – 7:30PM

-September 17th, 2016; Tala Rasa Percussion; Juilliard Pre-College Prep; The Juilliard School; New York, New York – 5PM

-September 20th, 2016; Tala Rasa Percussion; Brendan Betyn DMA Recital; Peabody Conservatory; Cohen­ Davison Family Theatre; Baltimore, Maryland – 8PM

-August 9th, 2019; 12th Annual Festival de Musica Clasica 2019; Teatro Oscense; Huéscar, Granada, Spain – 8PM

-June 9th, 2020; Nuestro Primer Concierto en Streaming; Granada, Spain – 4PM


George N. Gianopoulos


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