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Op. 38 - Birds of Paradise

for Flute


I. Empidonax Occidentalis

II. Calamospiza Melanocorys

III. Melospiza Melodia
IV. Snythliboramphus Antiquus

V. Patagioenas Fasciata

Program Notes: Birds of Paradise for Solo Flute, Op. 38 was composed between 2016 and 2018 for Greek-Polish flutist Iwona Glinka. The cycle of five movements is based on imaginary birdsong and is accompanied by original illustrations from David Lee Csicsko, an internationally recognized and celebrated designer and artist currently living and working in Chicago, Illinois. Through his work, David celebrates the diversity and richness of the human imagination, and expresses the joys of life through his dynamic use of color, bold graphics and playful patterns. Each movement, named after fictional scientific names in Latin of the fantasy fowls, features an illustration or two from Csicsko used to depict the rarified birds.  From the chirps of Empidonax Occidentalis, to the tweets of Patagioenas Fasciata, and the warbles of Calamospiza Melanocorys, this solo flute cycle is a catalog of whimsical ornithological studies.

Performance History:

-July 1st, 2016; Nos. 1 - 3; Malopolska Akademia Talentow; Na Jezowej Amfiteatr; Lacko, Poland – 7PM

-August 10th, 2016; Nos. 1 - 3; Music at MiMoDa – Paper or Plastik Cafe; West Los Angeles, California – 8PM

-June 2nd, 2018; Sound and Fury; Art Share LA; Los Angeles, California – 2PM

-June 17th, 2018; Creative Little Garden Presents: Music Under the Willow; New York, New York – 3PM

-July 5th, 2018; PHAZE Ensemble: Caged Birdsong: A Night of New Music; University of Redlands; Frederick Loewe Performance Hall; Redlands, California – 7PM

-August 29th, 2018; Music at MiMoDa – Paper or Plastik Cafe; West Los Angeles, California – 8PM

-April 26th, 2019; Gather, a new music concert for flute, trumpet and piano; St. Mark’s Episcopal Church; Glendale, CA

-February 29th, 2020; Syracuse Vocal Ensemble; Immanuel United Methodist Church; Camillus, New York – 3PM

-March 1st, 2020; Syracuse Vocal Ensemble; Cicero United Methodist Church; Cicero, New York – 3PM


George N. Gianopoulos


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