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Three Preludes for Piano, Op. 8

Date of Composition: 2007-16; rev. TBD

Duration: 9 Minutes

I. Scherzina

II. Sarabande

III. Allemande

Program Notes: The Three Preludes, Op. 8 for Solo Piano was originally written in large part during a cross-country trip from New York to California in the fall of 2007 and dramatically revised in 2010. Instead of taking a more traditional route through the Midwest, I cut through the South stopping at most major cities, dragging along a keyboard into every inn, lodge and motel I camped at. Each of the three preludes focuses on a different interval or set of intervals. The first prelude, Scherzina, examines major and minor thirds in various guises. The introduction sets up much of the rhythmic and pianistic elements to be found throughout the short and quirky piece. The second prelude, Sarabande, explores perfect, augmented and diminished fourths. Keeping in character with the sarabande tradition, the piece is in 3/8 with an emphasis on the second beat, though it is hardly a tune one would dance to! The middle section, a quasi-guitarra, is slow and noble with its rich, strummed chords and filigree akin to the guitar. The third prelude, Allemande, investigates major and minor sevenths and their counterparts, major and minor seconds. The opening figure, two ascending major sevenths and a descending major second, is constantly being re-examined and re-figured in different registers of the keyboard throughout the first section. The middle section is a slow and whimsical jazz-blues inspired stride piano interpretation, abound with the key intervals, before definitively returning to a virtuosic display of the opening figure and a dramatic alternating major and minor seventh finale.

Performance History:

-August 23rd, 2014; No. 2; Solo Recital; Steinway Gallery; Pasadena, California - 4PM

-January 7th, 2015; No. 2; Glendale Noon Concerts; Glendale, California - 12PM

-January 14th, 2015; No. 2; Music at MiMoDa – Paper or Plastik Cafe; West Los Angeles, California – 8PM

-January 30th, 2016; No. 2 & 3; Solo Piano Recital; Brand Library & Research Center; Glendale, California - 2PM

-March 12th, 2016; No. 2 & 3; Solo Piano Recital; Glendale City Church; Glendale, California - 5PM

-March 4th, 2020; No. 3; Music at MiMoDa – Paper or Plastik Cafe; West Los Angeles, California – 8PM

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